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Homework is given at Feluga State School to encourage success in the student. Whatever we choose to do in life, we must set aside time to do those things that we don't particularly want to do. Apart from demonstrating an understanding of the schoolwork, children who complete their homework, are demonstrating a life-long discipline which will lead to success.

In the lower school, Years 1 and 2 and 3 students receive homework on a weekly basis. The homework is given each Monday and is handed in by the following Friday. Each student is expected to complete the revision tasks, write their spelling words in sentences and read their home reader.

The homework is set at a level that is achievable by each student independently, sometimes with the need of extended parental help. The children self-select their own home readers at a meaningful and instructional level and are encouraged to swap their books daily.

Prep students do not receive homework tasks, but start borrowing home readers from Term 1 onwards. They also have sight word lists that they take home. These are high frequency words that they will recognise in the simple texts they are reading.

In the upper school, Years 4-6 students receive nightly homework, every week except the final week of each term. The homework is always based on schoolwork that is being taught or emphasised at that time and should be achievable for most students. It is expected that the homework will take no more than 30 honest minutes, excluding visits to the toilet, drinks of water or the necessity of patting the dog. If homework is taking longer, then the class teacher should be contacted. 

In addition, each child must read a minimum of 20-30 minutes every night. Their selection of reading material should be something they can read and understand. Being read to is also perfectly acceptable.


Very occasionally, weekly assignments will be scheduled, usually complementing a unit of specific work e.g. during a HASS unit on the Gold Rush or a Design Technology assessment.