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Why choose our school?

​Amanda Matthews - Mother of 3


Originally we started our first child,Ezra, at Feluga State School because we lived close to the school. Because he was settled at the school when we moved closer to Tully, it was in his best interest to stay at Feluga and not take him to another school. Because it is a small school there is more of a family atmosphere. Every child knows each other very well.

All three of my boys are very content and happy with the small school population. The teachers have been very understanding and been very supportive with my boys. I'm very happy with the expected level of academic ability at the school and even though it's a small school it's just as academically demanding as a big school. I'm very impressed overall with Feluga State School. 


Jan Irwin - Mother of 2

I have been involved at this school for 9 years when my daughter Rachael entered Prep in 2007. Rebecca began two years later. I can honestly say that this school has provided the best possible educational environment for my children. It has a friendly, welcoming, helpful staff and fabulous, marvellous, wonderful teachers.

My daughters have thrived on the high expectations and the demanding nature of all staff.

I worked closely with the teachers as part of the P&C, finishing as president in 2016. The professional attitude of the staff has always impressed me and the support they provided the P&C was wonderful. The members of the P&C came from the local community and although there were only a handful at some P&C meetings, we achieved gigantic results.

Small schools are like a big family. There is no bullying and no division of the age groups at this school. They all look out for each other. That’s how my children have benefitted from being in this environment.