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Feluga's Rich History

Feluga State School is a place flooded with history.

The uninterrupted education Feluga students began in 1927 when Feluga Provisional School, as it was then known, opened in the recently constructed Feluga Hall.
Only 25 students made that first roll call.
The hall (right) had been built by Feluga residents during the slack of the previous year.
As with most cane-growing regions, the 5 or 6 months of cane harvesting is referred to as the season and the rest of the year is the slack.
Some of the older residents of the community still remember the school at the Hall. The Hall remained until 1956 when Cyclone Agnes brushed it away.
In 1934, a new school was built on departmental land just 300 metres down Feluga Road. Originally it was a 2 room building but Feluga State School has been added to over the years.
Nowadays, that original building is part of the administration and library block.
In 1991, a designated Early Childhood Centre was opened and in 1997, B Block, housing 2 classrooms was opened.
Since arriving at Feluga State School at mid 2018, I have enjoyed the beauty, friendliness and seclusion of this very green, rural community and school.
Nestled at the northern end of the Tully River valley, Feluga, with an average rainfall of approximately 5.5 metres of rain is very wet during most of the summer. Only during the cooler months is there less precipitation.
Generally, the children of the school come from the houses and cane and cattle farms that cover the valley but families also send their children from nearby Tully.
Many of the children of the school can boast of a parent or grandparent who has preceded them at the school.
The people of the nearby community are heavily involved in the working for the school in terms of providing expertise for gardening adventures, beautifying the grounds or fundraising.
Our priorities, like most schools, lie in the improvement of the individual student; academically, socially and as a member of a vibrant society. In each case, we have programs in place to assist in that development.