Why choose our school?


Testimonies From Parents

Christopher and Jennifer Bonello

Chris and I chose Feluga State School for our daughter Holly as it has a diverse and inclusive culture that is encouraged by the caring teaching staff and embraced by the students.  Holly began her education at Feluga in Year 2. She is now Year 4 and still enjoys attending school and expanding her knowledge whilst building solid friendships with many different children. It’s the best choice we have made for her education academically and socially.

The 'Stoneys'

Finding the right school for your child can be daunting and overwhelming. Many thoughts may flood your head like., "will they love my child as I do?" and "will they teach my child everything they need to know, to make it out there in this big, wide world?" Well here I am with the answer: Yes and that school is Feluga State School. 

I cannot recommend this school enough. The staff are friendly and easy to work with. The grounds are looked after with pride and the students welcome everyone from new students to parents/carers and visitors with a big smile. The welcoming and generous spirit of the school, its parents and the community are vast and this I believe is a testament in itself to how great this school is. 

All my daughters have and are currently attending this school and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Roslyn and Shawn Butcher

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to have both our children Matthew and Tess attend Feluga State School since prep, they are currently in Year 4 and 7 respectively. Many generations of our family have a lot of history linked to Feluga State School and the local community. Along with other families, our family has been encouraged to participate in our children's development, education, fundraising and social functions. We love that all of the staff and other students families at Feluga school are respectful, friendly and create a calm and supportive learning environment. Feluga may be a small school but by no means do these students miss out any features that the large schools offer. Tess and Matthew are valued for their uniqueness and they both have the ability to shine in their own way.  Our children love going to school everyday and have made strong friendships that will last a lifetime.  We are confident that we have set our children up for a bright future by choosing Feluga State School for their formative primary school years. We have no hesitation in recommending Feluga State School.

Last reviewed 15 January 2020
Last updated 15 January 2020